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The uses that this product can be put to are limited only by the user’s imagination...wheeled barbecue sets, prams, pushchairs, wheelchairs, lawnmowers, scooters, garden furniture, bedding plants, children’s garden toys, tools, logs, bicycles - the list goes on and on!

 Tidy Tents Offer
   • Lightweight – easy to carry and transport
   • Packs away to a small compact size
   • Storage capacity big enough for two adult bicycles
   • Hardwearing and durable fabric
   • Arched shape allows rain and snow simply to slide off
   • Multi-functional and versatile
   • Detachable front cover
   • Quick and easy to erect
   • Suitable as either a permanent or temporary fixture
   • Optional security bracket

Tidy Tents & Bike Cave Dimensions of our current model are 200 cms wide, 167 cms high and   80 cms deep when erected and 54 cms x 18 cms x 14 cms when packed   away.

Tidy Tent
Welcome to a new concept in outdoor storage for the home and garden, a simple, practical solution to modern day domestic storage needs.

Bike Cave
Providing quick and easy access,  'Home for your Bike'! No more rummaging around at the back of your shed trying to get to your bike.

 Tidy Tents Tidy Tents

Shelter, security and convenience. is a independent distributor of the Tidy Tent and Bike Cave and is no way connected or represent the company ..a division of Rob McAlister Ltd

 Tidy Tents Bike Cave

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